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Ahoy! Are you looking for help in Sociology? Let a Plunder Sociology tutor help you achieve accademic success!

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Discover sociology tutoring to achieve rapid success on exams and papers!


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Sociology Subjects

Sociology of Globalization

We can help you with globalization essays, papers, research projects and exam preparation on topics including (but not limited to) global trade issues, global working conditions, non-governmental organizations, global corporations, globalization and the environment, and the globalization of culture.

Sociology of Criminology and Law

Plunder Experts will help you conquer essays, research papers, group projects, and exam preparation in the sociology of criminology and law! Common topics include organized crime, drug trafficking, law enforcement, peacekeeping, capital punishment, prisons and more.

 Sociology Statistics and Demography

 We can help you with statistics and demographics related sociology, including statistical studies, primary research, secondary research, statistical and demographic analysis, reports, papers, projects and exam prep.

Sociology of Class and Social Inequality

Explore concepts such as standard of living, social class, employment class, family class and more, and achieve high grades on essays, research papers and exams!

Women’s Studies

 We can help you conquer the challenging subject of Women’s studies! We can assist with research papers, essays, projects and presentations.

Sociology of Social Networks

 Plunder Expert Tutors can help you achieve success with essays, papers, assignments in the sociology of social networks. Master social networking concepts, terminology

Societal Problems

 From land, air, and water pollution, to inequality, large-scale mental and physical disorders, unemployment and underemployment in the labour market, and more, we can help you develop a persuasive argument to in an essay, research paper or presentation in order to combat society’s woes! (Or at the very least, improve your grades!)

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(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965


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