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Discover History tutoring that will help you rapidly prepare for exams!


Office: $60 per hour

On Location: $75 per hour


Skype/Online: $60 per hour

Canadian History

Plunder experts can help you master Canadian history essays, research papers, and projects! From the First Nations, to New France, to Upper and Lower Canada, and finally Confederation, our skilled history experts can help you improve your knowledge, and grades!

American History

We can help you succeed in your American History course! Perfect your essays and research papers on many topics, ranging from the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII, to Prohibition, the Equal Rights Movements, Neoliberalism and much more.

British History

Discover the rich and glorious history of the British Empire.

French History

From the origins of France and Joan of Arc to the French Revolution, WWI, WWII and beyond.

History of Ancient Rome

History of Ancient Greece

History of War

From the bow and arrow, to the trebuchet, to nuclear weapons proliferation.

History of Science and Technology

Ancient History

European History

African History

South American History

Middle Eastern History

East Indian History

Chinese History

Japanese History

Korean History

History of Asia

History of Commerce

History of Civilization

History of Music

Art History

Architecture History

History of Medicine

History of Crime

History of Money, Business and Commerce

History of Law

Contact Tristan to book!




(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965


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