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Demography Subjects

Birth and Death Demographics

 Birth Rates, Death Rates, Infant Mortality, Life Expectancy

Trade Demographics

 Production, Consumption, Investment, Purchases, Expenses, Imports, Exports

Crime Demographics

 Crime Statistics, Law Enforcement Statistics, Incarceration Statistics, Violent Crime, Slavery, Drugs Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Smuggling, Vandalism

Education Demographics

 Education Statistics, Education Demographic Trends, Intelligence, Skills

Employment Demographics

 Labour Market Statistics, Retirement Statistics

Ethnicity and Country of Origin Demographics

 Migration: Immigration and Emigration Statistics, Country of Origin, Ethnicity Statistics

Distribution of Income, Wealth Demographics

Income Mobility, Income Distribution, Business Profit, Wage Earnings, Taxes, Government Revenues, Government Spending, Government Transfers, Government Subsidies

Family Demographics

 Family Statistics, Marriage Rates, Marriage Types, Divorce Rates, Present & Historical Time Series

Gender Demographics

 Gender Statistics, LGBT Statistics

Health Demographics

 Health Demographics, Time Series, Survival Statistics, Smoking Statistics, Injury Statistics, Disease Statistics

Human Development Demographics

 Poverty, Clean Drinking Water, Purchasing Power

Urban Fabric Demographics

 Infrastructure, Population Density

Language Demographics

 Language Breakdown, Languages Spoken

Beliefs & Religion Demographics

Vegetarianism, Religious Affiliation, Spirituality, Belief System Demographics

Political Participation Demographics

 Policy Opinion, Voter Participation, Political Party Affiliation

Housing and Transportation Demographics

Housing Type, Commute, Accommodating Type, Home Ownership, Home Affordability

Contact Tristan to Book!



(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965


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