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Discover statistics tutoring that help you develop new skills and achieve high grades!


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Need help with stats? You have come to the right place! With many years of statistics experience, I am here to help you do well on all of your upcoming assignments, tests and exams. I can assist you with all of the following topics:

Graphical Displays: stemplots, histograms, boxplots, scatterplots.

Numerical Summaries: mean, median, quantiles, variance, standard deviation.

Normal Distributions: assessing normality, normal probability plots.

Categorical Data: two-way tables, bar graphs, segmented bar graphs.

Linear Regression: least-squares, residuals, outliers and influential observations, extrapolation.

Correlation: correlation coefficient, r².

Inference in Linear Regression: confidence intervals for intercept and slope, significance tests, mean response and prediction intervals.

Multiple Linear Regression: confidence intervals, tests of significance, squared multiple correlation.

ANOVA for Regression: analysis of variance calculations for simple and multiple regression, F statistics.

Probability Models: components of probability models, basic rules of probability.

Conditional Probability: probabilities of intersections of events, Bayes’s formula.

Random variables: discrete, continuous, density functions.

Mean and Variance of Random Variables: definitions, properties.

Binomial Distributions: counts, proportions, normal approximation.

Sample Means: mean, variance, distribution, Central Limit Theorem.

Confidence Intervals: inference about population mean, z and t critical values.

Tests of Significance: null and alternative hypotheses for population mean, one-sided and two-sided z and t tests, levels of significance, matched pairs analysis.

Comparison of Two Means: confidence intervals and significance tests, z and t statistics, pooled t procedures.

Inference for Categorical Data: confidence intervals and significance tests for a single proportion, comparison of two proportions.

Chi-square Goodness of Fit Test: chi-square test statistics, tests for discrete and continuous distributions.

Two-Way tables and the Chi-Square Test: categorical data analysis for two variables, tests of association.


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