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Are you looking for a high school, college or university math tutor?

We can help in the following subjects areas:

Mathematics Subjects


Learn how to determine and calculate the odds, construct decision and probability trees, construct and calculate confidence intervals, conditional probability and more.


 Get trained in algebra from the basics to more advanced functions and relations. Solve for  unknowns, and you will be very able!


 Learn all about numbers and their relationships. We can help children learn elementary arithmetic, from multiplying fractions to long division, or help with arithmetic functions, sets and number theory at the high school and university level.


Analytics is all amount data. We use can teach you how to create analytical models to answer central questions relating to your data, such as,  where does it come from, where does it go, what does it do, and how does it change. Analysis is highly practical, and our ability to think analytically will help you in art, design, business, technology, cost control, all natural sciences, applied sciences and social sciences. You can even conduct analysis on your own skills, job, and productivity!

Business Math

Business math is used for everything from calculating performance ratio, to accounting for sales, reconciling accounts, budgeting, sourcing costs, managing inventory, calculating market share, predicting queues (waiting lines), capacity and more!

Functions and Relations

Functions and relations deal with equations and systems of equations. We can teach you how to create equations for lines, curves and more. We ca, convert them between forms, graph them and more!


Calculus is usually only taught at the high-school and university levels, and is a challenging branch of mathematics dealing with change. Learn about intervals, integrals, derivatives, identities, proofs and more!

Data Management

Data management encompasses a wide variety of topics. Similar to analytic but more information-technology focused, data management is about organizing, capturing and storing data, sorting, filtering, parsing data, and in more advanced courses, programming custom functions to eliminate manual steps in the process, and better manage data flows.

Financial Mathematics

 Business math can help you figure out challenging financial equation systems such as annuities, Net Present Value, Sensitivity Analysis, Mortgage Payments, Interest Costs, Interest Periods and more!

Game Theory

Game theory is the mathematics of strategic decision making. Game theory is all about how and why we make decisions, and the outcomes that result from decision making in the context of an opponent. Game theory relates to subjects including from economics, marketing,  corporate ethics, stakeholder management, politics and more.

Geometry and Topology

 Geometry is the mathematics of shape, size and position. Learn everything from the simplest to most complex geometric forms, how to calculate different geometric values, and more!


 Learn how to write mathematical functions using and/or operators, brackets, if statements, sets, lists, values, conditions, and more.


 Statistics takes data analysis to new levels of complexity. Learn basic, intermediate and advanced statistics. Everything from simple means, standard deviations and variance, to correlation coefficients, f-tests, t-tests, p-scores, z-scores and higher scores on your statistics exam!


 Trigonometry deals with study of triangles, angles, and angular relationships.

Contact Tristan to Book!



(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965


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