Entrepreneurship Tutoring

Ahoy! Thinking about starting a business? Our Plunder Business Experts can help you a little or a lot! Avoid pitfalls, and save time getting your business up and running!

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Discover Entrepreneurship tutoring to quickly tackle the initial hurdles to commerce, production and small business profitability.


Office: $60 per hour

On Location: $75 per hour


Skype/Online: $60 per hour

Entrepreneurship Topics

Business Plan Development

If you plan on applying for formal sources of start-up capital, such as grants, loans, and private equity, you’re going to need a solid business plan. We can help you organize and execute the mammoth undertaking of writing a high-calibre, persuasive and professional business plan.

With 10 years of business development experience, we can help you streamline the writing process, and avoid common pitfalls in marketing operating and financial sections.

Marketing Plan Development

 Are you looking to raise capital for your next venture? Your prospective investors are going to want to know how you’re going to acquire customers, penetrate markets, fend-off competition. You need to know your marketing budget, cost of acquisition, customer retention rate, and more. Let us bring our experience to the table, and reduce your heavy workload!

Financial Plan Development

Every new business needs a financial plan. To start your business, you’ll need budgets for each department, forecasted income statement for 2 to 5 years, realistic expense and cost estimates, actual and forecasted balance sheets and statements of cash flows. Know your numbers! We can help arm you with knowledge to answer touch financial questions while you raise capital and expand.

Operational Plan Development

 If you’re starting a new business, your investors will want to know how business going to get done. In other words, they need to be assured that you have a firm grasp on the operations of your business. Employees will need to know who’s doing what, when and where’s it’s going to be done, and what to do in case of… (fill in the blank). When you’re just starting out, it helps to have a plan in place so you don’t have to learn everything through trail and error. Let us help you avoid common mistakes!

Canadian Import-Export

If you’re planning on sourcing a global product, or supply your invention to global markets, you’ll need to be able to navigate your way through the Customs Canada. We can make sure you’re compliant to avoid expensive mistakes!

Website Development

Every business needs a website to connect with its customers! Developing a website from scratch without experience can be a time-consuming roadblock. We can help you avoid mistakes when picking a host and web-development platform. We can even deliver custom-built web pages!

Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement

In order to market, sell or make anything, you need suppliers to provide you with inputs, such as parts, supplies, and products. We can help you minimize your costs without compromising on quality. Don’t forget about this often overlooked, and absolutely essential facet of your business!

Human Resources Plan Development

Who’s going to staff your business? What is the compensation policy? How and where will you recruit applicants? In order for your business to expand, you’ll need a human resources development plan! We can help guide you towards the contracts, policies and people you’ll need to keep your business growing.

Business Development Consulting

If you are an existing small-business that is struggling or not achieving your desired levels of success, we can help by diagnosing your business’s problems, and recommending, then implementing a course of action!

Product Development Planning

Does your product have what it takes to achieve commercial success? We can help market-test your products, and deliver an investor ready plan for product development!

Service Development Planning

Every new service needs a development plan. This is especially true for the most complex and sophisticated services!

Business, Invention or Idea Art & Design Conceptualization

Do you need a way of visualizing your invention, or innovation so that you can win over investors? Our Design experts can deliver top-notch concept art so that you can sell your genius product idea to the world!

Business Office Administration Development

From receivables and payable, to your mail-room, reception, front desk, back office and more. We can make your administration processes efficient and effective from day one.

Organizational Structure Planning & Development

 How will your organization be organized? We can help you design a blue-print for your entire organization!


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