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Are you looking for an Economics tutor?

Do you need help with Economics assignments, problems, or assignments?

If so, look no further!

I have over 8 years experience tutoring Economics students from across Ontario. I have even helped students remotely from schools such as McGill, University of Victoria, University of Calgary and the University of British Columbia!

Macroeconomics Tutoring

Aggregate Demand and Supply

GDP:Expenditure Method, GDP:Income Method

Inflation and Deflation

GDP Growth, Nominal vs. Real GDP, Consumer Price Index (CPI), GDP Deflator, Cost-Push Inflation, Demand-Pull Inflation


Employment Classification, Labour Force Statistics, Underemployment, Okun’s Law,

Foreign Exchange

Fixed Exchange Rates, Floating Exchange Rates, Breton Wood’s System

Balance of Payments

Calculation, Concepts


Phillips Curve, Concepts, Graphing, Solving the Equation

Purchasing Power Parity

Consumer Price Index, Big Mac Index

Interest Rate Parity

Arbitrage, Monetary Policy

Fractional Reserve System

Central Banking, Open Market Operations, Reserve Requirements, Bank Money Multiplier

Fiscal Policy

Tax Cuts, Government Spending, Stimulus Multipliers, Subsidies, Transfers, Tariffs

Wealth Distribution

Gini Coefficients, Market Efficiency

Quantity Theory of Money

 Calculation, Theory

Monetary Policy

Interest Rates, Savings Curve, 2 Period Models, Multi-Period Models, Forecasting

Keynesian Economic Models

AE Curve, Solving the Equation, Determining Equilibrium, Graphing Functions: Demand, Consumption

IS-LM Economic Model

Concepts, Graphing, Solving the Equation

Lagrangian Multiplier

Concepts, Graphing, Solving the Equation

Microeconomics Tutoring

Supply and Demand Analysis

Supply-Demand Graphs, Changes in Supply and Demand, Substitutes and Complements

Consumer Preferences

Utility Isoquants, Solving the Equation, Marginal Benefit, Budget line


 Elasticity of Demand, Elasticity of Supply, Cross Elasticity, Income Elasticity

Production Functions

Marginal Cost, Advanced Supply Curves

Perfectly Competitive Markets

Average Total Cost Curve, Variable Cost Curve, Marginal Cost Curve, Fixed Cost Curve Demand, Solving the Equation

Monopolistic Markets

Production Functions, Solving the Equation

Monopsolistic Markets

Purchasing Functions, Solving the Equation

Oligopolistic Markets

Purchasing Functions, Solving the Equation

Mixed Competition Markets

 Purchasing Functions, Solving the Equation

Game Theory

Nash Equilibrium



Family Economics Tutoring

Single Family Model

Household Utility Functions, Household Production Functions, Household Budget Functions

Theory of Human Capital

Human Capital Concepts, Solving the Equation

Marriage Markets

Costs and Benefits, Opportunity Cost, Concepts, Solving the Equation

Division of Labour in Households and Families

 Concepts, Solving the Equation

Inter-generational Economic Mobility

 Concepts, Solving the Equation


 Concepts, Economic Modelling

I have experience with masters and PHD economics concepts, including the Solow Growth Model, n-period models, and much more. If you’re unsure if I can help you, feel free to send me your problem. I will take a look and tell you if it’s something I’d be confident with.

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(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965

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