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Do you need help generating leads, prospects, developing professional estimates, invoices, promotions, or a sales management team?

At Plunder Ventures, our skilled experts can help your company plan for growth through the following services.

Sales Force Training

We’ll turn your new sales recruits and rookies into confident, skilled and successful sales veterans!

Sales Force Coaching

We can shadow, critique and coach your sales forces’ sales appointments, we can help trouble-shoot difficult leads and accounts, and we can deliver a custom pep talk to inspire your sales force!

Sales Process Management

We’ll improve the efficiency of your sales process by tackling bottlenecks and obstacles to buying in you sales process.

Business to Business Sales

With our help, you can learn how to master the ins-and-outs of B2B sales without spending a fortune on expensive, time-consuming and (often) unnecessary sales software.

Business to Government Sales Process

Plunder Experts can teach you how to access government procurement portals, how to put together a successful bid to tender, and how to target your offering to specific branches of government.

Business to Consumer Sales Process

We can refine your retail or virtual sales presence and increase sales in consumer markets by connecting your advertising, promotions and sales processes.

Business to Not-For-Profit Sales Process

Plunder Experts can effectively position your N4B brand amongst other cause-marketing initiatives, and win ‘sales’ by packaging your offer with tangible products and service.

Retail Sales Management

We’ll examine every aspect of your retail sales process, from product, to price, to point-of-sale,  in order to boost your sales per square foot, increase your average sale value, and increase the number of prospects in your store.

Sales Department Organizational Structure

We can help your medium or large enterprise organize an effective sales department based on modern organization management research.

Door to Door Sales Canvassing Process Management

Plunder Sales Experts can develop a door-to-door cold-calling process that can help put your business in front of prospective customers quickly.

Cold-Call Sales Process Management

Increase your sales through telephone cold-calling. This old-fashion is still effective today, but it will only work if your inside sales team is focused, efficient and motivated.

Online Sales Management

Increase your sales by utilizing internet advertising channels and selling platforms. We can minimize your learning curve, and help you avoid expensive mistakes.

 Sales Partner Network Management

We can help you expand your sales network by managing and organizing sales partners and channels.

Sales Department Budgeting

 Plunder Accounting Experts can help you create historical and projected budgets for your Sales Department!

Sales Department Book-Keeping

Plunder Experts can help you modernize your sales reporting and book-keeping process to minimize back-office expenses and reporting time.

Invoice Design

Plunder Design experts can custom-design sales invoices to make your business stand out amongst the competition.

Sales Spreadsheet Development

Plunder IT experts will develop a sales spreadsheet allows you to organize your sales records with maximum customization potential, at minimum cost.

Contact Tristan for an estimate!



(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965

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