Information Technology Services


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(647) 648-7965


Discover how improved IT systems can save your organization time!


Improve department performance through improve communication and productivity!


Office: $50 per hour


On Location: $60 per hour


Online/Skype: $50 per hour

Warehouse and Inventory IT Management

Inventory Tracking Systems

Data input getting you down? Avoid the hassle with our inventory tracking process!

Freight and Logistics Planning

We’ve developed planning, tracking, and costing systems for freight and logistics!

Sales IT Management

Point of Sale (POS)

Looking for a quick, easy and affordable POS to get your business running?

Pricing Systems

Don’t leave money on the table! Price right from the start, and avoid common pricing pitfalls!

Finance IT Management

Personal Finances Database

Take control of your financial future with a time-saving financial database, customized to your personal financial situation.

Small and Medium Business Finances Database

Small businesses need protection from financial behemoths! Turn the tables with this low-cost financial defensive strategy!

Corporate Finances Database

Gain informative power over your financial suppliers, and don’t get screwed by financial predators!

Loan Calculator

Quickly create loan and amortization schedules. Perfect for independent lenders!

Budget Template

Save time with your organization’s budgets with a customize budget template and budgeting process.

Marketing IT

Customer Relationship Management

Want to communicate to your customers, but don’t want to waste money on subscription fees?

Cloud Systems

 Learn how to make the most of your dollar!

Search Engine Optimization

Generate search terms without the hassle! Get your custom search-term generator!

Promotions Tracking

 Track and measure your promotional campaigns with ease.

Marketing Databases

Whatever marketing data you need to track, we can help! We’ve developed databases for everything from promotional channels, products, to risks, competitors, industries, and trends!

Design IT

Design Asset Management

Manage your intangible assets like gold – they’re the most valuable parts of your business!

Human Resources IT

Recruitment Datasheets

Automate and streamline your recruitment efforts. Recruit more staff per hour, day week and year!

Job Evaluation Datasheets

Integrate information technology to acquire low-cost job evaluation without pesky subscription fees!

Interview Template

Save time with your interview process by implementing a template system.

Scheduling Datasheets

Automatically manage scheduling, and track your schedule on the cloud or on a familiar excel spreadsheet.

Intern Management Datasheets

Manage your volunteer resources with the system to manage up to 100 interns using cloud-based spreadsheets.

Legal IT

Legal Contract Datasheets

Save time and money developing, tracking, updating and integrating your legal contracts and contracting processes.

Regulatory Compliance Datasheets

Manage your legal obligations through a legal tracking system.

Contract Automation

Mail Mergers can automate mass email communication, and legal contract customization.

Contact Tristan to Book!



(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965

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