Photography Services




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Discover a range of photography services, tailored to your next web or print project!


Save time and effort by handing it over to the professionals!


Office: $50 per hour


On Location: $60 per hour


Online/Skype: $50 per hour

Photography Services

Image Asset Development

 Image assets are the foundation of all great design. With a library of close cropped images, you can pick and choose objects to assemble your ideas rapidly.

Image Naming, Cataloguing, Filing and Organization

Image assets need to be filed and organized. With a multitude of sources, keeping track of all your image assets, and finding them can be a real chore. We can help!

Photography Direction

Perfect photo-shoots requires professional photography direction. This role includes deciding when, how, and where, who and what to photography, and ensure masterful technique.


 Planned, staged, and staffed, your perfect photo-shoot executed flawlessly.

Photo Editing

 Cropping, removing objects, color, and more. Anything and everything you can see, fine-tuned with photo-laboratory precision.

Raw Image Sourcing

 Finding and acquiring the rights to use the images you need.

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