Web Design Asset Development





(416) 466-7923


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Discover why the age old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” still wrings true to this day!


Analyze your stats before and after adding compelling visuals to learn just how much your results improved!


Office: $50 per hour


On Location: $60 per hour


Online/Skype: $50 per hour

Page Headers

Custom Web Page Headers: Product Page Headers, Category Page Headers, Career Page Headers, Investing Page Headers, Press Centre Header, Supplier Centre Header


Custom Thumbnail Images: Product Page Thumbnails, Category Page Thumbnails, Service Page Thumbnails, Other Thumbnail Images


Custom or Stock: Contact Icons, Geographical Icons, Parts Icons, Service Icons, Navigation Icons, Mapping Icons, Category Icons, Payment Icons, Shipping Icons, Gift Icons, Technical Icons, Symbols, Buttons, Stamps and Seals, Social Icons


Made to Order: Background Images, Borders, Bullet Points, Borders, Patterns

Data Management Web Assets

Custom Designed: Data Tables, Pie Graphs, Bar Graphs, Histograms, Line Graphs, Normal Distributions and more

User Interface Web Assets

Custom Designed: Menus, Tabs, User Interfaces, Toggle Buttons, Radio Buttons, Check-boxes, Toggle Switches, Dials

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