Business Services

Ahoy! Specialized Plunder Business Expert Tutor can help you ACE your courses. We can help a little or a lot, it's up to you!

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(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965


Discover a full suite of business services and realize big profits!


Learn how we can help you execute shot, and long-term projects on time and on budget!


Office: $50 per hour


On Location: $60 per hour


Online/Skype: $50 per hour

  • Did you know that Plunder Ventures offers business services?
  • We have developed cutting edge business services to take your business to the next level!
  • Plunder Ventures’ services are completely customized to your organization’s needs.
  • We offer 1-on-1 service!
  • Plunder Ventures brings the skills, talent, and time to your projects and business problems!
  • We can recommend solutions, or we can execute your vision.
  • It’s up to you! We listen to your requests, and deliver your project on time and on budget!

Marketing Services


Get some new brains on your marketing campaigns!

Sales Services


Let us help you solve the biggest obstacle to your business success: people buying what you’re selling!

Operations Services


 Knowledge is power, so understand the machine and refine your organization’s operating processes.

Financial Services


 Eliminate financial uncertainties, budget, borrow, and share!

Information Technology Services


From spreadsheets to websites, we have cutting-edge solutions that they don’t teach in school.

Human Resources Services


People are integral to all organizations. Our services will help you find, retain, test and train!

Design Services


You name it, we create it. Our design experts can conjure any image possible in pixels. Sell any business, project, or product vision 10x better with a concept design.

Let’s talk! Please email me (Tristan Parlette) for an estimate! I’d love to hear the details and objectives of your project!

Contact Tristan to Book!



(416) 466-7923


(647) 648-7965


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