Skateboard Tools



Skateboard Tools!


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Blue Skateboard Tri-ToolBlue Skateboard Tool

Red Skateboard Tri-ToolRed Skateboard Tool

Black Skateboard Tri-Tooltri-tool-black

ytoolmetalRaw Metal Skateboard Tri-Tool

jtoolmetalMetal J-Tool Skateboard Tool

Blue Skateboard Tri-Tool


Red Skateboard Tri-Tool


Black Skateboard Tri-Tool


Raw Metal Skateboard Tri-Tool


Metal J-Tool Skateboard Tool


Every Skateboarder should own a Skateboard Tool!


A skateboard tool allows you to:

  1. Tune your skateboard’s turning ability
  2. Keep your skateboard well maintained  The wheel nuts, kingpin bolt and mounting nuts should be tightened once per month to keep the rider in good shape. It’s also important from a safety stand-point.
  3. Customize your skateboard  You’ll want to change or modify your parts, including deck upgrades, truck upgrades, bearing upgrades or replacements, wheel upgrades, bushing upgrades, riser upgrades, and more. Adjusting or modifying the skateboard is a real hassle without a tri-tool!
  4. Save time when tuning up the board  It is about 10x faster than using an adjustable wrench, 6x faster than using pliers, and about 2x faster than using a ratchet set.
  5. Keep your hardware looking good after tuning  I’ve used a wrench and I’ve used pliers. They’ll work if you don’t have a tool, but they will scratch up your hardware (trucks, nuts and bolts) significantly.
  6. Easily make adjustments to your ride  With the handy, portable, pocket skateboard tri-tool, you won’t have to carry around 3 different tools to make adjustments, or rummage through an old tool box!

Discover Skateboard Tools!


Contact a Plunder Dealer to order!



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