Custom Skateboards


Design, order and receive your customized skateboard!



60 to 200

$60 to $200 CAD

If you are interested in designing you own skateboard, look no further!

Custom Skateboard Options

Laminate Graphics

Custom Laminate Graphics are available on any Restless Skateboard/Longboard Completes and Decks. Just provide use with your digital art file, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Basic Custom-Branded Skateboard Decks and Completes

Blank Skateboard Decks

Customize a blank skateboard yourself

Our Custom Skateboards are great for:

  • People looking to develop a skateboard brand

  • People looking to design their own skateboard

  • People looking to personalize their skateboard

  • Promotional Giveaways

  • Prizes

  • Auctions

  • Promoting Your Brand and Logo


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