Longboard Trucks

Ahoy! Keep on truckkin! Longboard Trucks are an essential part of every longboard, come standard on every longboard complete. You will only need to buy them if you are upgrading, replacing, or customizing your trucks.


Discover trucks from Bear, Paris, Havoc and more!


Contact a Plunder Dealer to order!

40 to Two Hundred Dollars Canadian

 Longboard Trucks range in price from $40 to $250

Paris Trucks

 Paris Trucks Logo

Paris makes premium, high-endurance longboard trucks with aesthetic finesse unparalleled by other longboard truck makers.

Bear Trucks

 Bear Truck Logo

Bear Trucks are a fierce competitive longboard truck maker based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Bear trucks are great for downhill, or cruising around town!

Havoc Trucks

 Havoc Trucks Logo

Havoc an expert truck-smith, providing reliable and stylish longboard trucks in a wide range of colours, combinations and finishes.

Core Trucks


Core is a renowned skateboard truck maker,  offering a limited range of simple, ergonomic longboard trucks. Core skateboard and longboard trucks are build to last!

Method Trucks

Method Longboards Logo

Method Longboard Trucks

Randal Trucks


Randal is a classic American skateboard truck company with a long history of making rugged and reliable skateboard and longboard trucks.

Revenge Trucks

 Revenge Trucks Logo

Revenge Longboard Trucks

Tracker Trucks

 Tracker Trucks Logo

Tracker Longboard Trucks


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