Longboard Completes

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Longboard Completes from Restless, Paradise, Krown,

Moose, Dregs, Method, Beercan, and more!


Contact Tristan.Parlette@gmail.com to order!

One Hundred and Thirty Dollars Canadian to One Hundred and Eighty Canadian

Longboard Completes range in price from $80 to $300.

 Ready to buy? Contact Tristan.Parlette@gmail.com to order a longboard today!

Paradise Longboard Completes

Paradise Logo

Paradise Longboards offers an amazing selection of high-performance longboard completes. Paradise longboards feature quality detailing, premium designs, premium wheels, bearings and trucks.

Moose Longboard Completes

Moose Longboards are made from Canadian Maple. Moose Longboard Completes come in a wide variety of colours, and deck types. All Moose Longboards are free from logos and branding, and offer plenty of rich stains & finishes, perfect for customizing or personalizing!

Krown Longboard Completes

Krown offers a ton of awesome and affordable graphic longboard completes. Krown longboards are perfect for beginner and intermediate riders. Check out Krown Longboards today!

Restless Longboard Completes

Restless offers a ton of awesome graphics on their decks and completes. Restless long-boards are rugged, reliable, and come standard with top-notch Paris Trucks and Helion wheels. Restless Longboards are perfect for experienced riders looking for the best quality trucks and wheels, and unforgettable style.

Dregs Longboard Completes

Dregs Longboards offers longboard designs that push creative boundaries in terms of form, colour and pattern, offering a selection of eye-catching drop-downs longboards, top-mount pintail, kicktail and freestyle longboards.

Layback Longboard Completes

Layback Longboards Logo 
Layback Longboards feature a range of simple to intricate graphic designs.

Hang Ten Longboard Completes

Hang Ten offers original surf-inspired longboard designs.

Moose Old School Longboard Completes

Moose Old School Cruisers are classic longboards in the standard old school longboard deck with traditional skateboard trucks and wheels.  

Beercan Longboard Completes

Beercan longboards are finally here! Check out Beercan’s aluminum longboard completes for a completely different ride! Beercan also offers premium aluminum mini-cruisers (Microbrewster) which last longer than a typical plastic cruiser!

Paradise Plastic Mini-Cruiser Longboard Completes

 Paradise Logo
Paradise Plastic Mini-Cruisers feature a wide selection of plastic-mould-cast mini-cruisers. The grip is built right into the shape of the deck, which is mounted on mini-trucks with soft Paradise Mini Cruiser Wheels.

Ready to buy? Contact Tristan.Parlette@gmail.com to order a longboard today!


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