Ahoy! We have a longboard for EVERY type of rider under the sun. If you're of unsure of what to get, your Plunder Dealer is always happy to assist!


Discover awesome Longboards, Parts and Accessories!

Contact Us

Contact a Plunder Dealer for local pricing!

10 to Three Hundred Dollars Canadian

Prices range from $10 to $300 for Longboards, Parts and Accessories!

 Plunder Ventures Longboard Completes

Longboard Completes


Longboard Decks

Plunder Ventures Grip Tape

Longboard Grip Tape


Longboard Trucks

Longboard Wheels

Longboard Accessories

Longboard Accessories

Abec 9 Bearings

Longboard Bearings


Custom Longboards

Not sure what to buy?  Plunder Dealers are happy to answer your questions, show you their stock, and help you choose the best board for you or your loved-one!


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