Plunder Ventures is a growing direct sales agency. We are expert sellers, dealers, and promoters of all kinds of consumer durables, such as sporting goods!

We are currently seeking supplier partners in the categories below!

Sporing Goods

Winter Sports

Snowboards, Skis, Sleds, Ice skates, Hockey Equipment, Curling Equipment

Water Sports

Wakeboards, Wakeskate, Waterskis, Wesuits, Inflatables, Scuba Gear, Swimming and Pool Products, Bathing Suits


Golf Clubs, Golf Balls and Tees, Golf Bags, Golf Gloves


Tennis Balls, Rackets


What can Plunder Ventures do for you?


Channel Placement

We can place your product in a dealer network. Plunder Dealers take orders, address customer questions, find leads, promote our brands to their personal networks, advertise online, probe customer needs, and most of all, generate sales without ever needing to open up a shop, pay rent, or hire staff.


Sales Force Management

Plunder Ventures will recruit sellers for your specific product. Once we have at least one dealer successfully selling, we’ll set up new territories for your product, and interview the best candidates to sell your product.


Purchase Inventory

If your product meets our criteria, we will invest in inventory! We know you need money to run your business, which is why we are happy to invest in low amounts at the beginning, and continue to invest in larger orders as our sales volume grows and we have funds to reinvest in further product.

If interested, contact Tristan about becoming a supplier.


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