Plunder Ninjas

How to Apply?

Application Form Coming soon! We will be recruiting throughout January, February, March and April.

Position Details


16 Mission Internship

Full Time / Part Time / Occasional


As a Plunder Ninja, you will be required to meet at our Toronto, ON office at Broadview and Danforth once per week, and will be responsible for completing missions remotely. Complete the internship missions wherever you can obtain computer and internet access.

Job Description

Plunder Ninjas work on special internal projects and in the process gain valuable job experience in a multitude of specializations. Plunder Ninjas complete a 16 mission internship. Missions involve weekly projects and goals, brainstormed by you and your supervisor, that allow you to directly apply your creative ideas our business. Discover just how different the problems of the enterprise different from textbook examples by working on the front-lines of a growing Canadian start-up company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Your primary role is to utilize your specialized skills in the course of:

  1. Existing company projects and problems
  2. Your ideas for projects that apply your specialized abilities and field of study
  3. Work work other Intern Ninjas on cross-functional projects

We pride ourselves on achieving excellent results and we expect nothing less for our Plunder Ninjas!


  • Enrolment in a post-secondary program is not required, however it is main way that students get accredited for their efforts during the internship program.
  • Applicants must be of the age of majority or receive parental consent as this is a contract position.
  • Computer and internet access, and the ability to run google drive (formerly called google docs).
  • Canadian Citizenship or a valid Work or Study Visa.

Job Perks

  • Flexible hours
  • Get paid to learn and work at the same time
  • Hone your specialized skills
  • Network within a diverse group of clients
  • Knowledge work means the heaviest thing you’ll have to lift is a textbook


  • The Intern Ninja Program does not remunerate monetarily, and it is not a paid position.
  • Intern Ninjas receive a free longboard complete or Plunder of equal or lesser value after they complete the internship program.

Internship Perks

  • Intern Ninjas gain real-world job skills and experience in their field of study and specialization.
  • Interns can use the Plunder Ninja internship towards many qualifying college and university programs
  • Interns network amongst each other, and gain the opportunity to collaborate on new and exciting projects
  • Interns are exposed to the consulting and plunder dealing sides of the business

The Ideal Candidate

  • Is working towards a post-secondary degree or diploma in any of the specializations listed below.
  • Communicates effectively by being responsive, proactive and clear.
  • Has a positive open-minded attitude towards learning and self-improvement.
  • Is committed to completing the internship on a 20 week time-frame.
  • Is punctual and organized.


Design and Multimedia Ninjas

Graphic Design
Digital Arts
Infographic Design
Advertising Design
Film, TV and Video
Radio and Broadcasting
Modelling, Acting and Talent
Music and Audio

Finance and Accounting Ninjas

Corporate Finance
General Accounting
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Tax Accounting

Business Management Ninjas

Project Management
Team Management
Operations Management
Human Resources

Sales and Marketing Ninjas

General Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Public Relations
Strategic Marketing
Market Research
Event Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing

Technical Ninjas

IT Management
Web Development


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