Plunder Experts

We are looking for detail-oriented individuals with a diverse set of expertise to help us meet out commitment to provide top-notch private lessons and skills training directly to students and businesses.

How to Apply?

Application Form Coming soon! We will be recruiting throughout the year, starting in September!

Position Details


Full Time / Part Time / Occasional


Broadview and Danforth.

Job Description

Plunder Expert Specialists are the intelligent individuals that form the day to day operations of Plunder Ventures’ tutoring and consulting services. As a Plunder Expert Specialists, you can focus on one or more specialized disciplines. Depending on the project pipeline at any given time, Plunder Expert Specialists may be called upon to execute consulting projects, tutoring or projects within Plunder Ventures that requires your expertise.

Duties and Responsibilities

Your primary role is to utilize your specialized skills in the course of:

  1. Client Sessions
  2. Client Projects
  3. Company Projects

We pride ourselves on achieving excellent results and we expect nothing less for our Plunder Expert Specialists!


  • Minimum 2 years of post-secondary education in your field of specialization
  • We do request that you provide your grades, however if for some reason your grades cannot be obtained, we require that you complete an assessment test to prove your qualifications in your field

Job Perks

  • Flexible hours
  • Get paid to learn and work at the same time
  • Hone your specialized skills
  • Network within a diverse group of clients
  • Knowledge work means the heaviest thing you’ll have to lift is a textbook


  • Compensation is based on a pay-scale depending primarily on the academic and demonstrated skill level, as well as the location of the tutor.

The Ideal Candidate

Anyone with specialized skills looking for part-time or occasional tutoring and consulting work in the GTA.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a private expert consultant in your field?
We are looking for the skills and specializations in the disciplines listed in the tables below:

Business Experts

 Accounting Experts

 Actuarial Science Experts

 Economics Experts

 Finance Experts

 Human Resources Experts

Information Technology Experts

Management Experts

Marketing Experts

Operations Experts

Procurement Experts

 Sales Experts

Business Statistics Experts

 Business Legal Experts

 Logistics Experts

Language Experts

Arabic Language Experts

Croatian Language Experts

Czech Language Experts

Dutch Language  Experts 

English Language Experts

French Language Experts

Filipino Language Experts

German Language Experts

Greek Language Experts

Hebrew Language Experts

Hindu Language Experts

Hungarian Language Experts

 Italian Language Experts

Macedonian Language Experts

Polish Language Experts

Portuguese Language Experts

Romanian Language Experts

Russian Language Experts

Serbian Language Experts

Slovakian Language Experts

Slovenian Language Experts

Spanish Language Experts

Ukrainian Language Experts

 Chinese Language Experts

 Japanese Language Experts

 Korean Language Experts

 Thai Language Experts

Turkic Language Experts

Vietnamese Language Experts

Cambodian Language Experts

Math Experts

Algebra Experts

Calculus Experts

Game Theory Experts

Geometry Experts

Logic Experts

Arithmetic Experts

Data Management Experts

Financial Mathematics Experts

Set Theory Experts

Statistics Experts

Number Theory Experts

 Infinity Experts

 Irrational Mathematics Experts

Art, Design and Multimedia Experts

3D Projection Mapping Experts

Animation Experts

Architectural Design Experts

 Landscape Design Experts

 Interior Design Experts

 Product Design Experts

 Art Staging Experts

 Industrial Design Experts

 Set Design Experts

 Video Film Experts

Script Writing Experts

Casting Experts

Choreography Experts

Dance Experts

Fine Art Experts

Modern Art Experts

Music Experts

Audio Recording Experts

Science Experts

Astronomy Experts

Biology Experts

Chemistry Experts

Physics Experts

Materials Science Experts

Geology Experts

Genetics Experts

Agricultural Science Experts

Microbiology Experts

Environmental Science Experts

Climate Science Experts

Marine Biologist Experts

Social Science Experts

Demography Experts

Geography Experts

International Relations Experts

History Experts

Sociology Experts

Information Technology Experts

Computer Science Experts

Networking Experts

Computer Engineering Experts

Computer Repair Experts

Video Game Repair Experts

Video Game Development Experts

Software Development Experts

Programming Language Experts

Website Development Experts


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