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Longboard Dealers


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Paintball Dealers


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3D Printer Dealers


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Water Sport Dealers

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How to Apply?

  1. Submit your resumé
  2. Apply Online: Plunder Dealer Application Form



Job Locations

Positions are available within territories across Canada and the United States!
We are always looking for new sellers, so don’t be afraid to apply! Large territories often require more than 1 dealer (especially if an existing dealer is part-time), and positions do sometimes open up/turnover before we are able to update the website. It never hurts to inquire or submit an application 🙂

Job Description

Plunder Ventures is offering exciting opportunities to motivated individuals who are interested selling exciting and Plunder-worthy products. We ship you the Plunder and keep you in stock provided you make payment for your sales!
This flexible part-time job offers you a source of passive income, as you introduce great products to friends, colleagues & family. As a Plunder Dealer, you work for yourself, earning performance-based pay from sales commissions. This position offers the flexibility to work online, from home and/or on campus. You have the freedom to set your own hours and determine the level of income that works for you.
As a Plunder dealer, you are responsible for drumming up business in your region. This means pursuing sales leads, posting local ads for the products and following up with leads provided by Plunder Ventures. Plunder Dealers are responsible for holding our longboards, meeting with customers, and facilitating transactions. We send you the product and you pay us when you make the sale!

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Learning about Plunder’s products and becoming familiar enough with them to answer customer questions
  • Posting Plunder ads online
  • Promoting Plunder through social media and other communication channels, electronic or otherwise
  • Corresponding to sales leads and scheduling sales appointments
  • Receiving and safe-guarding the Plunder you sell until it is in the customer’s hands
  • Generating sales invoices, and collecting payments for sales generated


Make good money for your time and make a profit from everything you sell! Return anything you don’t! Dealers can expect to make $100 to $500 per week or more!


  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Good Time-Management Skills
  • Decent Computer Skills
  • No Sales Experience Necessary

The Ideal Candidate

  • Passionate and familiar with our Plunder (products)
  • Well Connected
  • Friendly and Well-Liked
  • Focused and disciplined on the task at hand (connecting with leads and making sales)


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