50 Benefits of Longboarding

1. Freedom

Freedom is your power or right to act, speak, or think as you wants without hindrance or restraint. Longboarding allows you to get to where you want to go faster.

The younger you are, the less freedom you have. When you were a fetus, you were tethered to your mother. By the time you were born, you were free to roam your crib but not much more. As you grow up, you can go anywhere you want. But you’re still not free to do anything, because you have limits- your limits include your time, energy, money, and so on. Longboarding frees up your time. Longboarding saves you money on transportation. Longboarding saves you energy getting around.

2. Agility

Remember the ‘agility’ attack that Pikachu was so good at in the Pokémon series? Why is it advantageous to have agility? Simply put- it makes EVERYTHING you have to do in your life easier. For pikachu, it meant getting in an attack before the enemy could strike. For you, it gives an the advantage of speed every where you go.

3. Balance.

Balance is your ability to maintain the line of gravity between you in the ground, with minimal sway. Good balance requires all kinds of skills- your visual system, your somatosensory system, and vestibular system. Those will greater balance have better control of their muscles, are more aware of themselves, and live healthier life.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, because we’re not just talking about you phyical ability to balance on a moving object on one foot. No, longboard gives you balance to your life. Between eating healthily, exercise, school, friend and work, it’s hard to balance all of the complex responsibilities of today’s society.


Longboarding will make one big important thing way easier to fit in – exercise. Why is it so much easier to exercise on a longboard? Simple- like biking to work, every time you longboard somewhere you need to go, you are getting exercise and commuting at the same time. That means that your exercise time is overlapped with other activities, instead of consuming your weekend or afternoon. What’s more, like snacking, it’s healthier to exercise many times at low intensity, than to over-exert yourself during 1 big weekly workout.

4. Abs

A little known secret about longboarding is that it can provide a complete ab-workout. Now, you won’t get an ab workout simply by cruising around. There’s a special technique called “Pumping the board” that allows you to twist and turn your board forward without touching the ground.

5. Sex Appeal

With good abs, ass, and the confidence to conquer the road and get anywhere quickly, you’ll be noticed. They call it an ‘action sport’ for a reason. Expect to get more action from the opposite sex.

6. Time-Savings

Time savings is one of the main benefits of longboarding. But beyond simply being able to get places faster, does a longboard give you a good Time Return on Money Invested (TRMI)? YES! Absolutely. Substitute 2 walking trips of 10 minutes per day, 100 days per year (this is a low number for most riders), and what do you get? You get 30 hours- or about $300 at minimum wage. Remember, a longboard complete will last you 2 to 5 years. If you’re a student, count the number of walks to and from all the places you need to go every day. If you take the bus, remember to multiply x 2, because you’re walking to AND from the bus twice each day minimum. Your time is worth a lot. Remember, not all time is worth the same amount. Working time is worth whatever you’re paid, but what is the value of sleeping in an extra 15 minutes or an extra hour to study? When your time is freed up, it’s yours to do whatever you’d like with it. Buying a longboard is a small price to pay to release thousands of dollars worth of your time.

7. Convenience

Seconds out the door and you’re on your way. Your friends become closer, because you’ll see them more. You’ll procrastinate less as everything becomes easier and closer to you. Among pedestrians, the longboarder is king!

8. Cardio.

Longboard is an amazing cardio workout. Want to feel some burn in your theighs? Try longboarding up a hill, or taking a trip around your neighbourhood. Longboarding is a great lower-body work out because as you travel, your terrain provides a work out that forces your body to adapt to different conditions, such as hills, turns, stops, rough terrain, and more. This means that your whole lower body- from feet, to ankles, to calfs, to theighs to ass, get toned.

8. Extended Range

How far you can you get in 15 minutes? What distance can you reasonably access during your lunch break? Well, if you mode-de-transpoOn a longboard, you can get 8x farther. What’s it mean to you? It means more restaurants are feasible on your lunch break. Ultimately, it comes down to freedom. With a longboard you have more freedom to get where you need to go, in less time, or go farther in a fixed time. It may just mean that you’re 1st in line at the Tim-Hortons instead of 5th.

9. Fun

The only things that compare to the joys of carving down a hill, weaving through a crowd, or surfing the streets are expensive. Seriously- to get the thrills of longboarding for just 1 day at an amusement park, you’re paying over $50 bucks. Same with a Ski-Hill. Experience the rush of taking control of your position and momentum as you ride down the street with your hair blowing in the wind. Longboarding is the most affordable way to have fun day in and day out.

10. Comroddery

Can’t we all just get along? Well it’d be a lot easier if you weren’t dragging your ass around! Longboarders stick together, sharing common interests and perspectives on live. Longboarding is a great social activity. Why not play around of Longboard tag, or hit the hills with some buddies? Longboarding is a great way to both connect with friends on a common interested, and free up some time for a social life!

11. Sleep

Remember that 100 – 300 hours of time saved? Well, the truth is that 100% of your time is going to be used. However, because you don’t have to walk every where, you actually have more time to sleep in. How does this work? Well, say you have to walk to the bus every morning and it takes to 10 minutes to get from your front door to the bus stop. After getting off the bus, you still need to get to your destination. Another walk avoided. In total, this may only amount to 5 – 15 minutes of extra sleep each morning. Over the course of a year, this results in dozens of hours worth of extra sleep.

12. Money-Savings

There’s all kinds of ways that a longboard will save you money. It could mean the difference between being late for your job or being on time. It could mean that you eliminate the need for bus/transit fare altogether. And if you’re substituting a different action sport- such as Wakeboarding or Snowboarding, you’ll get similar thrills at a fraction of the cost. Don’t buy a $1200 treadmill, when you can buy a longboard for under $200!

13. Quick Getaways

Looking to evade a bully? Did someone just steal your purse? Looking to make a mad dash away from an authority figure? Look no further, a longboard will provide you with ample speed, maneuverability, and minimal set-up time needed to evade any precarious situation.

14. Seating

Don’t you hate it when you’re outside, or in the subway, and there is simply no where to sit? I hate being forced to stand. Longboards eliminate this problem by doubling a portable 2-seater bench. Sweeeeeeet.

15. Confidence

A sense of mastery is one of the most rewarding things that life has to offer. Conquering your fears and realizing that longboarding IS something you can do because it makes you stronger, smarter, faster, and better across all areas of your life will make you feel amazing 🙂

16. Carving

If you’ve carved hills on a snowboard, you’ll love carving hills on a longboard. The soft urethane bushing in the trucks of a longboard allow you to carve in a wave-formation. You can even propel yourself forward on flat ground if you don’t feel up for down-hill carving just yet! Carving is fun, and reinforces just about every benefit listed here.

17. First Responder during Emergencies

When there’s an emergency, the most useful person is typically the one that gets there first. That’s because when things go wrong, every second counts. Be the one who gets there on time, and you might just be a hero.

18. Tricks

There’s a common misconception that longboards don’t allow you to do tricks. This is absurdly and utterly not true. Sure, you can’t do skateboard tricks, but I’d like to point out the countless other sports that aren’t skateboarding that allow you to do tricks. On a longboard, you can pump, dance, jump, spin, slide speed check and more…

19. Smooth Riding

The biggest difference between longboards and skateboards, other than the trucks, is that longboards feature big soft urethane wheels, where skateboards typically feature small, hard ceramic or composite wheels. You will feel the difference in you knees, ankles, legs, back and shoulders. Longboards can handle cracks, bumps, rocks, and other road obstacles more smoothly, and safely than skateboard. Those big soft wheels act as shock absorbers, ensuring a gentler ride.

20. Instant Coat/Bag Rack

Whenever I go out and I’m wearing a jacket or a bag, I always lean my longboard up against a wall, and hang my coat on it.

21. Affordable

Talk about value – a longboard will last you years. The average board that sells at $150 costs you $50 per year if you replace it after 3 years (depending on how often you use it, that amount could be $30 per year if you keep it for 5 years without replacement). Think about that – you’re gaining up 365 days worth of riding per year. A longboard is worth dollars a day to you, at will cost you pennies per day to own.

22. Easy Learning Curve

Afraid that longboarding is too hard? Squash those fears in their tracks! Longboarding is the easiest sport I ever learned, because I didn’t have to take time out of my schedule to practise. In fact, I am able to fit longboarding into my life seamlessly because every time I ride it, I actually save time. This is untrue for 90% of sports out there. If you skateboard, snowboard, surf, waterskii, wakeboard, kneeboard, bike, or participate in any other action sport, the learning curve will be a breeze- you’ll probably get it on the first try. Even for complete novices, the learning curve for most is 1 – 2 weeks. And if you have a longboarding friend, cut that time in half.

23. Multi-Terrain

One of the biggest advantages of longboarding is that you can ride just about anywhere. Longboards work on roads, sidewalks, alleys, dirt paths, downhill on grass, and more. That means that unlike a pedestrian or a car, you can switch between traveling on the road and sidewalk if you need to.

24. Multi-Weather

I ride my longboard in the snow, in the slush, in the sun, in the rain. I ride in the spring, summer, fall and winter. While your board will react differently in different conditions, an experienced rider will know how to compensate when riding across different surfaces. Caution! Make sure you know what you’re doing before riding through a rainstorm or snowstorm.

25. Critical Thinking

Where’s my path? How do I avoid these obstacles? Where are my danger zones? How do I get through this crowd of people? Longboarding forces you to be alert while on the road. Without a doubt, longboarding has increased my consciousness. When riding, you need to figure out where things are, but also where things are going. You need to be tuned into your own velocity, position and direction, but also the velocity, position and direction of objects around you. This is what I mean by, longboarding makes you smarter.

26. Flexibility

Twist, turn, push, stop. Longboarding has beneficial effects on your flexibility. Stretching, in combination with the full lower body workout you get with longboard, will make you a more flexible person.

27. Reflexes

When longboarding, you’ll be able to turn on a time. React to pedestrians, cars, and obstacles. You’ll work your reflexes daily, grow sharper with time.

28. Spatial Sense

As a longboarder, you are a forward-moving vector. On the sidewalk, you encounder mostly slowly-moving vectors behind you, beside you, and in front of you. Your brain’s challenge is to navigate thorugh this human maze, and make the corresponding adjustments to your speed and position by stopping. Learn how to weave the sidewalks and streets and you’ll see motion in a whole new way.

29. CO2 Emissions

Drive less, commute less, and travel green. Longboarding can offset trips made by polluting forms of transportation, thus reducing your overall carbon footprint.

30. High Tech & Natural Materials

Our longboards incorporate high-tech synthetic urethane that has transformed the skateboard industry. Urethane allows longboard wheels to be soft and flexible shock-absorbers. It’s also used in the trucks’ bushings, which allow the trucks to turn on a dime.

31. Long-lasting

Most longboarders get a new longboard after 2 years of use. This isn’t because their boards can’t be used! Rather, after 2 years of riding, most longboarders love the sport so mhuch they want to upgrade their ride. However, part of the reason why a longboard retains its resale value is because it can last up to 10 years, depending on the level of use/wear & tear.

32. Quieter than Skateboarding

If you’re an old school skateboarder, you’ll notice that large urethane longboard wheels are quiet and stealthy.

33. Easy & Cheap Maintenance

They’re ridiculously cheap to maintain compared to bikes or cars.

34. Ergonomic

Our longboards come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your weight and height, we have a longboard that is ergonomically suited to you.

35. Easy to Store.

Longboards make a great addition to your locker, closet or room. They don’t take up much space, which is why I take mine on thr subway, to the movies, to work, to school, to the grocery store, bank, pharmacy…

36. Great Resale Value

Longboards will typically command 75% -125% of their resale value. Why? As long as they’re functional, they’re valuable to the user for years to come.

37. Extremely customizable

Worried that your board won’t be compatible with upgrades? Don’t be! Trucks and wheels are standard, and can be transferred to virtually any other deck with the used of risers. So upgrading is easy and can be accomplished with the use of a single skatetool!

38. Standardized Parts

Trucks, wheels, bearings, decks, wheels, and bearings are highly interchangeable between brands and suppliers and models. Learn more about how longboards are constructed here.

39. Longboarding is a great 1st date idea!

Teach the girl how to longboard, you won’t regret it! Showcase your sporty side, or bond over a common interest (the coolest girls already longboard anyways).

40. Active, Occupied Children

This is a huge benefit if you’re a parent. This is one great reason to buy a longboard for your offspring as a gift. Unlike most video games, computer games and TV, they’re actively exploring the world they live in, getting to where they need to go, and escaping bullies. Invest in your child and see them flourish!

41. Affordable & lasting “big” Gift

A longboard makes an awesome, and totally affordable gift that will do your loved one a world of  good. We’ve had parents, family and friends buy our longboards as birthday presents, Christmas presents, Chanukkah presents, Graduation Presents, Wedding Presents, and more. Give a gift that will last!

42. Respect

Lots of people can’t longboard. It’s not because they can’t- it’s because they’re too afraid to try. Gain admiration and master an awesome new skill.

43. Personal Style

We have decks of every colour, and a ton of graphic and pattered longboards too. Design your own, or pick from our 50+ models.

Check out our selection of graphic longboard completes.

44. Punctuality

Isn’t it nice to get somewhere exactly on time? On foot though, little delays can cost you minutes. A longboard lets you get to the next light/next

45. Exploration

What will you explore with your freedom? Well that all depends on where you live, but in most cities, there are all kinds of places to go- new neighborhoods, parks, buildings, businesses, and more.

46. Shorter Lines

Spend less time in line. You’ll notice when you’re longboard down the street, you’ll pass nearly everyone. Well, if you’re going to a fast food place, and they are too, you’ve just saved yourself from having to wait behind them!

47. Fast Double-Back

Forget something at the grocery store? Or at home? or at school? Longboards make simple mistake non-issues, because back tracking is also 4x less expensive in terms of time & energy compared to walking. Thus, big problems (AHHH I forgot my homework) become little problems (PHEW, good thing I could longboard back to school and get it in time).

48. Light-Weight & Portable

Unlike bikes, longboards are exceptionally portable, typically weighing less than 15 lbs. This means you won’t mind carrying them around with you, and won’t avoid using them because you don’t have a place to lock it up. In fact, before I longboarded, I was a biker, and I rarely clocked more than 50 days per year biking. Since I’ve started longboard I go out daily, at least 250 days per year.

49. Commuting

When commuting, you’re actually talking a minimum of 4 walking distance trips. First from your house to the transit stop. Second, from the destination transit stop to your destination.  Third from your destination to the destination stop (on your way home) and fourth, from the home transit stop to you home. All in all, those four trips are rarely less than 2 minutes, and often 4 minutes or more. Longboarding can cut a 4 minute walk, into a 1 minute (or less) longboard ride. It might not sound like much, but if you’re going to multiple classes, you could be walking 5 – 10 separate trips. This can really eat away at your study time, relaxation time, sleep,  or productive time. Shave 10 – 20 minutes off your daily commute!

50. Longboards Help you Live your Life to the Fullest

If you only live once. Why not try something fun, exhilarating and exciting? Just give it a try, and see how easy it is to learn.

7 responses to “50 Benefits of Longboarding

  1. I just bought a longboard to get into this beautifull world and I wasn’t half much hyped than after reading this, so thanks!


  2. Longboard riding is the best way to judge a girl’s personality and sports or athletic capabilities. Because of better stability, longboards for girls are much better than skateboards for girls.

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  3. I bought longboard 5 days ago. I am 38. I used to skateboard street & tricks when in primary school. I totally enjoy surfing the city now. ;D

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