Beat the Big Bad Bandwidth Bill

Big Internet Bill?

Tips on Conserving Bandwidth:

1. Inhale the Data. There’s plenty of free trackers out there! “Surplus Meter” tells you the amount of usage over a specific period of time for a given terminal (computer station).

2. Tame your Torrents. It’s easy to go download crazy. It’s even easier to upload like crazy. uTorrent lets you specify your upload and download limits. Restricting the amount you upload and download limits will help you stay under your maximum monthly allowance. And if you find a file that you don’t need right away, just pause or stop the torrent download until you are ready to use it.

3. Don’t Drown in the Stream. Streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth. If you’re going to watch something more than once, you’re better off to invest the downloading bandwidth once, instead of every time you watch the program.

4. Negotiate with Telecoms. Think of a reasonable explanation for why you don’t think you should pay the full amount, and propose a settlement. Collections are expensive and risky and telecoms have good reason to accept settlements in the case of disputed charges.

5. Protect your Wi-Fi from Public Moochers. Make sure your wi-fi is password protected.

6. Stop Donating your Bandwidth. Your friends’ usage can add up, especially if you’re hosting a party and your guests have their smart phones out. Forgetting your wifi password is a great way of tactfully declining their request to increase your internet bill an unknown amount. Not to mention public computing project such as SETI, which gobble up your internet when you’re asleep! Set limits, or stop contributing if you can’t afford to.

7. Split the Cost Unevenly. If you’re room-mate works from home and you don’t, that can really change the usage split. Don’t assume 50-50, and subsidize other people’s usage. With every bill there may be other stake-holders willing to chip-in other than just the person who’s name is on the bill, such as employers or parents, or even landlords. Don’t get the short end of the stick because you’re uninformed about who benefits.

8. Find a Cheaper Service Provider. Don’t feel pressured to stay with your current provider. Loyalty is lucrative, so even if you don’t find a cheaper deal, your provider may lower your service or throw in some perks to avoid loosing you as a customer. Track your expenses & service so you can shop around.

9. Become a Moocher Yourself. The flip side of #9 is, find no-charge internet & wi-fi spots, such as coffee-shops, libraries, universities, your parents house, and so on. There’s plenty of free substitutes that allow you to get out of the house and cut back your usage on you home account.


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