Get 155 more hours per year!

Time Saving Secret

I’ve known for some time about a way to save a little bit of time throughout the day, every day, that over course of a year amounts to substantial time savings.

It’s call longboarding! Hear me out, because I too was skeptical at first, until I understood why longboards save so much time.

Do you take many short distance trips? I’m talking about walking to bus stops, walking to the cornerstone, walking from your car, through the parking lot, to the entrance.  When it comes right down to it, anytime we make any trip, you can never avoid short distance travel all together. What if we replaced those trips with a longboard?

Well, longboards are fast to deploy, and speedier than walking. The result is that using a longboard cuts nearly 60% of the time in short distance trips. And you can use a longboard in combination with driving, public transit and running errands. Over the course of a year, I save a significant amount of time. 155 hours to be precise (That’s less than 26 minutes per day, conservatively)

What I use the extra time for:

  • 25 hours – Sleeping
  • 30 hours – More Longboarding
  • 20 hours – Networking & Socializing
  • 30 hours – Business Development
  • 50 hours – Recreation/Other

Total: 155 hours per year!!!!

So how much will each additional hour cost you?

A complete package at a Skateboard Shop:

Base Price: $250

Taxes: $12.50 to $45

A complete from Plunder Ventures…

Quality Beginner Longboard: $125

Low-End Beginner Longboard: $90

Send me an email at if you would like to check out our board selection available in-stock.

Let us know what you think!

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