Welcome to Our World

So you might wonder: What is Plunder Ventures? What is being plundered? Does all this plundering actually hurt anyone in the process? The answers may surprise and captivate you!

First off, Plunder Ventures founders – Andrei Calinescu and Tristan Parlette – firmly believe that the site needs to exist. Presently, e-commerce options are very dull and repetitive. It seems like they’re all over-compensating for something by offering a large amounts of selection aimed at every imaginable demographic and their cat-loving grandma.

So who would you trust to cut through this complex and imposing  tangle of lame storefronts and crummy product offerings to bring you a hand-picked shortlist of the finest items for the discerning online shopper that demands only the coolest and smartest-designed products to add value to their daily life?

Tristan and Andrei are just the type of people whose tastes can be trusted by the online shopper that thought they had and seen it all. Unequivocally known as gurus of cool products among their social networks, this dynamic duo met at the University of Western Ontario and shortly thereafter discovered their shared love for amazing niche items that were yet unheard of among the general populace. Frustrated with the cumbersome process of navigating the treacherous high seas of the Internet to obtain this coveted booty, the two dreamed of a world with a trustworthy online retailer not relying on bombarding every possible demographic with tens of thousands of products. They realized what was needed was a crew with the courage to sift through endless masses of products and plunder only the finest offerings available. The trendy active generation of today is hungry for change. Who wouldn’t want to be known as “The Friend with All the Cool Stuff”? Now you too can be this mythical figure!

We’re building this site for you and for ourselves. We’ve always had an innate drive to acquire or plunder the finest loot there ever was. We will only present you with a list of meticulously screened products that creatively solve everyday problems and enhance your daily grind with novel and ingenious solutions. These are products we’d love to have in our own lives, made accessible to the world!

Rest assured that no one will be harmed in this process, except for the “Walmarts” of online retail. We will stand out as the treasure trove of the Internet with such a mighty list of new and ingenious products the world has never seen. We welcome you aboard and will keep you posted!

Let us know what you think!

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